8 Ways to Get More Google Plus Page Followers

Jul 2, 2020
Social Media Marketing


Welcome to the comprehensive guide on how to increase your Google Plus page followers. As the leading provider of SEO services in the business and consumer services industry, SEO Spectrum is committed to helping you boost your online presence. In this article, we will explore eight effective strategies to gain more followers on your Google Plus page. With our expert tips, you'll be able to expand your reach, engage your audience, and enhance your brand visibility. Let's dive in!

1. Publish High-Quality and Relevant Content

The key to attracting more Google Plus page followers is by offering high-quality and relevant content. Create original and informative posts that resonate with your target audience. Your content should provide value, solve problems, or entertain your followers. By consistently delivering valuable content, you will build credibility and increase your chances of gaining more followers.

2. Engage and Interact with Your Audience

Building a strong community on Google Plus requires active engagement with your audience. Respond to comments, questions, and feedback on your posts promptly. Show genuine interest in your followers and encourage meaningful discussions. By fostering a sense of community, you'll attract more followers and establish long-lasting relationships with your audience.

3. Utilize Google Plus Communities

Joining and actively participating in Google Plus communities relevant to your industry is an excellent way to expand your reach. Look for communities with a large number of active members and share your expertise by contributing valuable insights. By engaging in communities, you'll gain exposure to potential followers who are interested in your niche, leading to increased followers for your page.

4. Cross-Promote Your Google Plus Page

Leverage your existing online presence to promote your Google Plus page. Add a Google Plus badge or widget to your website or blog, making it easy for visitors to follow you directly. Additionally, include social media icons with links to your Google Plus page in your email signatures, newsletters, and other marketing materials. The more visibility your Google Plus page receives, the higher the chances of attracting new followers.

5. Optimize Your Google Plus Profile

Make sure your Google Plus profile is complete and optimized to attract potential followers. Use a professional profile picture and write a compelling introduction that clearly conveys your expertise and the value you provide. Include relevant keywords in your profile description to enhance your page's visibility in search results.

6. Host Hangouts and Webinars

Take advantage of Google Plus Hangouts to connect with your audience in a more personal and interactive way. Host hangouts on topics of interest to your followers, offering valuable insights, tips, or tutorials. Consider organizing webinars to share in-depth knowledge and engage with your audience in real-time. By providing valuable experiences, you'll attract more followers and position yourself as an authority in your industry.

7. Collaborate with Influencers

Identify influencers in your niche who have a significant following on Google Plus. Reach out to them and propose collaborations such as guest posting, co-hosting hangouts, or cross-promoting each other's content. By partnering with influencers, you can tap into their existing audience and gain more followers for your Google Plus page.

8. Analyze and Refine Your Strategy

Continuously monitor and analyze the performance of your Google Plus page using available analytics tools. Pay attention to engagement metrics, such as +1s, shares, comments, and follower growth rate. Identify what types of content resonate best with your audience and refine your strategy accordingly. By analyzing and adapting, you can optimize your efforts to attract and retain more Google Plus page followers.


Congratulations! You are now equipped with the top 8 strategies to increase your Google Plus page followers. Implement these tips consistently and monitor your progress to see the results. Remember, building a strong presence on Google Plus takes time and dedication, but with the right strategies, you'll be able to expand your reach, foster a thriving community, and enhance your brand's online visibility. If you need further assistance or have any questions, feel free to reach out to SEO Spectrum, your trusted partner in SEO services. Start boosting your Google Plus page followers today!

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